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10 Fonts of 2023 that are Best for Graphic Designers

Disclaimer: Most of the fonts in this article are paid you can use these fonts for personal use. But if you want to use these fonts for commercial use I suggest you to purchase the license.

In this very informative article, I am going to share my personal favorite and best fonts for graphic designing. I had installed about 6,000 to 7,000 fonts on my pc but as a graphic designer how many fonts we have seems short. But you have noticed one thing when it comes to professional design for a very important client. We have 5 to 10 fonts that we use every time.
We use these for fonts without any doubt. You know it is safe to use these fonts in any place like headings, descriptions, and subtitles.
I have made a list of the 10 best fonts for graphic design that are very classy. So let’s start the list.



The first font in my list that I am going to write about is Helvetica. It is mostly used and recommended by almost every designer. The reason for this recommendation is because it is a very amazing font.
I specifically use this font in Design where I do not use many images or shapes but most of the text is used because it is the best font as it can fit in headings, descriptions and subtitles. It is a very versatile font and this is another reason many graphic designers recommend it.

Champion Gothic

The next font on our list is Champion Gothic. I am using the font for many years. The best part of this font is that it vertically expanded font. Its uppercase and lowercase are very attractive. I use this font in specific verticle designs.
This font is mainly used in Instagram posts, Instagram stories or posters. It is used in posters where you make verticle designs. The font is best for these types of designs. It is recommended to use this font on a large scale instead of a small scale. It looks great on large-scale designs such as in headings.

Clash Grotesk

The next font on our list is Clash Grotesk. At the moment, it is one of the best fonts. I am using this font in almost every design. I am using this font in Instagram reels, Instagram stories, Instagram subtitles, poster designs, and thumbnail designs. For all of this, this font is crisp looking. Its lowercase is good but its uppercase is incredibly good.
The font looks great in every position. I specifically love the thick font. But if you put an eye on its Thin variable it also looks very classy. It is a very versatile font.

Integeral CF

The next font on the list is Integeral CF. This font is one of my favorite fonts but now, I use it a little bit due Clash Grotesk. It is Sqaurey Font. If you notice the letters of this font all the letters form a perfect square.
This feature gives this font a concise and boxy look.

Inter and Roboto

There are two more fonts on my list. Inter and Roboto are those fonts that are very compatible with one another. If you are a UI Designer you should definitely check out this font.
The combination of these fonts looks very attractive in UI design, App Design and Website Design. The text in apps is usually small so the readability of these fonts is good that’s why it is recommended to use these fonts.
Both the lowercase and uppercase fonts are clean and crisp. Most designers use a combination of these fonts that’s why it is recommended by most designers.


The next font is Eurostile. At the moment, I do not use it very much but if I have to make an animation where cinematic animation like cinematic titles, lens flare, and particles are used I mostly use this font. It is the best font for these kinds of projects definitely you should check this font. By the way, this font is also recommended by Peter Mackinin.

Heading Now

This font on my list is Heading Now. It is another vertically long font. The main reason that I use this font in my graphic designing projects is it has many variables. It has variables more than 112.
If you search for this font in the font selection section. You can notice how much variety is provided by this font. If I am making a design and I need and classic font. I definitely choose this font.
There are far fewer fonts that look good and attractive in italic versions if they are slant or skewed.

SF Pro Display

The next font on the list is SF Pro Display. It is similar to Helvetica. But I use this font more than Helvetica. The reason for this is the shape and layout of some letters of the sf pro display font are better than Helvetica.
The fun fact about this font is that it is designed by APPLE. The Design and design sense of Apple Designers is on the next level of excellence.


The next font on the list is Zodiak. It is a serif font. I don’t like serif fonts but some design requirement is to use serif fonts. In that case, I use this font for design. It is a paid font but if you want to use this font for commercial use you can purchase the license.


Hope you love this very informative article. Make sure to share this article with you friends and family. Stay safe and stay happy.

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