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5 Best Ai Tools of 2023 for Graphic Design

In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in making our work easy. More important Ai saves us some time. You had heard that “TIME is MONEY” well I think that time is more valuable than money. If I waste 50 dollars it does not affect me but if I lost 50 minutes it really affects me. Ai is being used in our industries, especially Graphic Designing and Animation. It does not mean that Ai replaces the Graphic Designers. Ai is like a Helper Partner that saves some time for work.

In this very useful article, I am going to share 5 very useful Ai tools that will help in as a Graphic Designer. So let’s start our list.

PicWish (credit:

This website is known for its feature of removing background from objects in images. I am sure you have already seen many background removal websites but trust me it is one of my favorites. The reason is it background removal is best.

How to use

Simply, Go to Upload the image that you want to remove from the background. Wait 2 or 3 seconds it will remove the background.

It is a very powerful tool it can remove the background from the object that has hair in the image. Another one of the best features of the website is that you can also further adjust the image by using a brush tool. You can add or remove the selection from the image.

This website is very useful for making Thumbnails and quick editing projects.

Khroma (credit:

This website is very useful for finding the best color combinations. You can use these color combinations in photo editing, poster designing, thumbnails etc.

How to use

Simply, open the website. click on generate button. You can find very amazing color combinations. So what’s the difference between this tool and other websites?

On this website, you can find color combinations with backgrounds and text. It is very useful for graphic design. If you are making an Instagram post where mostly text is used. You can have an idea as you see color combinations visually.

You can also invert the color of text and background from background to text or text to background. By using this website you can get a better idea and also your sense of color combination is improved.

It has a poster section, where you can find the best color for poster design. It contains Dual-Tone colors. You can save these combinations in your favorites and get them back when you want.

Fontjoy (credit:

It is a very interesting website. It is very useful for those who are not very skilled in Typography. For those, it is very useful who find difficulty in font combination.

How to use

Simply, Go to the website. You can find 3 sections including heading, subtitles, and description.

If you are making an Instagram design or any random design in which typography plays a key role in the design. You just click on generate button. The website gives you automatically different font combinations. You can select any type of font combination according to your design.

One of the best features of the website is that you can have a slider. If you move the slider to the left. It starts to suggest font combinations of almost similar fonts. But if you move the slider to the left all the fonts are not much similar. Now, these fonts have a very high contrast between them.

Colormind (credit:

It is another color combination website. It is my personal best website because the color combination in this website always catches my eye. Many other websites have very random and frequently used combinations but this website has unique color combination series.

How to use

Simply, Go to the website and click on generate. Now, you can find cool and trendy color combinations that are my personal favorite.

Another cool and super feature is that you can upload the image and get its color combination as a reference or idea.

Let’s Enhance (Credit:

The website works by enhancing your pixelated or small-ratio images. If you have an image that quality is not good and you want that image to be used in the graphic design project. You have to simply upload the image to this website and automatically enhance your image.

How to use

Simply, Go to the website. Click on the trail. Now, upload the image on the website that you want to enlarge. Now, click on the Start Processing button. Wait 2 to 3 seconds. Now. click on the button to have it in the gallery.

It enhance and enlarges the image from 2 to 3 time more than the previous ratio. If you compare the previous and edited image you can notice an amazing difference between the images. In my personal experience, it is one of the best tools for enlarging images.

It has also some other amazing features like Color Enhance, Lightening Enhance and Tone Enhance.


So these are some tools or websites that definitely help you out in your future projects. I hope you like the article and make sure to share it with your friends and Graphic Designer Partners.

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