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5 Tips That Will Help You To Increase The Level of Excellence of Your Art and Skills

Hi designers, in this article I am going to write about how you can sharpen your designing skills as well as how skills can be improved. I think every designer must work on his craft before he starts working as a professional graphic designer. Here are some quick tips that will help you to improve your skills to the next level.

So, for this article, I have listed 5 tips that will help you to increase the level of excellence of your art and skills. So let’s start the list.


The first amazing and cool tip for new designers is to try to get feedback on your art and design from your friends in the same field. You can also share your designs with your mentors and seek feedback. I believe this tip will help you to polish your skills. Getting feedback will help you to find mistakes in your design. For this purpose, you can share a poster design with your friend or anyone in your touch who is a master in typography likewise another friend which is a master in photo composition. This step will definitely increase your skills and focus.


The next tip is very important that is Design Challenge. You can take design challenges to increase your skills. You can take 30 days or more design challenge of logo design, poster design challenge and even Type face or UI design challenge. This step will definitely help you to sharpen your graphic designing skills on a daily basis. Eventually, when you compare your last design and the first design of the design challenge you will notice a great difference in typography, photo composition, color enhancement and many other things.

Concept Client Brief

Take any reputed brand, create a fake problem by yourself in design and try to redesign. You can just take it as a challenge. The design problems identified by you now try to solve these identified problems. You can also use it as a portfolio which can help you to stand out. Another suggestion is that, try to pick another industry in which you are not working. In this way, you can be able to learn different industry design concepts and design art. As an example, if you make minimal design art. You can take the challenge to make art or poster for sports. You can also try vintage, luxury or retro industries designs.

Passion Project

The next tip to improve your skills is Passion Project. Now, what is a passion project? Passion project means making designs on trending topics. The topics or concept art that is trending in the world is the best chance to increase the level of your skills. These designs will definitely inspire and educate others. You can also get exposure and use this design in your portfolio to get advantages.

Recreate projects

The last and one of the most important tip Recreation of the projects. Go to Behance, dribble or websites like these and save the projects from these websites. Try to redesign these projects. I want to encourage redesign not coping. You can test yourself that you are capable of how many times you can redesign the same design. This will train you to stand out in different scenarios. This is also the best way to study and practice reverse engineering.


If you have any doubt or question you can ask me in the comments below. I will clear your all doubts and I will also teach you about the industry trends and designs.

Hope you love this article. Make sure to share this article with your friends and family. Stay happy and Stay Safe.

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