5 Unique and Useful Tech Gadgets That Will Upgrade Your Laptop and Mobile

5 Unique and Useful Tech Gadgets That Will Upgrade Your Laptop and Mobile

In this article, I am going to write about useful and unique gadgets. Most of them are useful and some are unique. I have listed 5 gadgets for this article. I want you to upgrade your laptop with these unique and useful gadgets.

In this article, you will know about five amazing and super cool laptop products. So let’s start the list.

ARTIS Mini Multimedia Speaker

The first useful gadget on the list is ARTIS Mini Multimedia Speaker. There are two mini speakers inside the box along with a user manual and warranty card. If you purchase an expensive laptop but the speakers are not much loud that gives you the full vibe of gaming and multimedia. You always need to attach external speakers. But these mini speakers are enough to solve your problem and do not bother anyone in the house even in your room. These speakers are in proper plastic build. The build quality of the plastic is good. These are USB speakers which means that they get power from a USB cable. It has also a 3.5mm Jack. The total output of these speakers is 6 watts and the single output is 3 watts. The sound quality of these speakers is also good. The sound does not brake at full volume and the sound is clear. These speakers are also cheap and I definitely recommend you purchase these speakers.

ZINQ HD Web Camera

The next gadget on the list is ZINQ HD Web Camera. It is USB supported Web Camera. It is also a 1080p web camera. If you have a laptop whose web camera does not work or you had purchased a laptop that has not any build camera you can think about it because it is not very much expensive. One of its unique features is its ring light. The light density of the ring light is good. It also supports autofocus. The ring light is best for video calls in the dark. There is a roller that will give you the control to increase or decrease the density or brightness of the light. When I tested the web camera and compared it with the web camera 720p. The video quality of this web camera is good and the colors are much more warm and less pixelated. But the audio quality is very poor. Now, it’s up to you if you want to purchase it but I do not recommend this because there are many other options available in the market.

TIZUM Adjustable Laptop Desktop Stand

The next gadget on the list is TIZUM Adjustable Laptop Desktop Stand. It is a little bit expensive but it will save you space on your table. There are a stand and key present inside the box. You can lose or tighten the adjustments present at the bottom of the stand. You can adjust the stand according to your laptop’s thickness. It is very useful for those people who use their laptop with a large display or desktop. The laptop takes up much space on the table but when you adjust your laptop on the table it does not take up very much space. Instead, it frees the space for a keyboard or mouse. By the way, it also looks cool on the table and the full vibe of the Ipad also feels. The build quality of the stand is very great. The rubber grips are high in quality. If you want to make a clean setup on your table I definitely recommend you purchase it.

Zebronics Power Bank M20MQ100

The next very useful and unique gadget on the list is Zebronics Power Bank M20MQ100. You can charge your mobile, gaming consoles, and even your laptop with this power bank. It is a little bit expensive. It has a 19,200mAh battery capacity. There is also a TYPE-C to TYPE-C charging and data cable. The cable also supports 100 watts of power delivery. This power bank can charge any mobile phone with a high speed of more than 30 watts. It can easily charge the laptop that supports the input charging of 60 watts. When we tested this power bank on the laptop and it draws power up to 72 watts. This power bank can definitely charge a laptop of 100 watts. The only drawback of this charger is its power back of only 19,200 mAh. Which will empty soon and does not last long but it provides fast charging. It has four ports. Two of them are TYPE-A ports and one is a TYPE-C port and the last one is a Micro-USB port. This power bank also supports 100 watts charging input which means it can also charge fast. If you want a power bank for a laptop and use it on the go. You can consider this power bank.

Potronics Power Plate 7

The next very useful and handy product on our list is Potronics Power Plate 7. This very useful gadget. It is not a very expensive extension board. I use this extension board in my studio. My studio has 8 extension boards and all of them are occupied. It contains 8 sockets that support local and foreign plugs because sometimes the same gadgets are foreign-made and they have different types of plugs. It also contains 6 USB ports that do not support fast charging but it can charge normal charging gadgets like smart watches or earbuds etc. It can also charge phones but the speed is slow. You can charge other things like studio lights etc. If you looking for an extension that fits your desktop. This extension is the perfect fit for you and it is fully recommended.


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