8 Most Useful and Cool Gadgets of 2023 that will Modify Your Smartphone

Hi friends, do you want to use three or four sims in a single phone or do you want to mobile as a home theater? In this article, I have listed many amazing gadgets for mobiles. These gadgets will modify your phone from head to toe. Read the article till last, because I have listed many cool gadgets so you cannot miss any gadget.

In this article, you will get to know about the 8 most useful gadgets that will modify your smartphone. So let’s start the list.

Portable Projectors

Friends, are you bored with the small screen of your phone? It does not entertain us, If we do not watch movies on the big screen. If you want to know how to Big Screen in the cheapest way take a look at these projectors. This projector will increase the size of the screen of your smartphone. You can get a cinema experience at home. Its quality is full HD, unlike low-quality projectors. You do not require any wires to start this projector. It wirelessly connects with your phone due to this you can easily watch movies on the big screens. If you travel a lot and easily get bored then this gadget will help you during your travel. Due to its small design, it can be easily placed in your bag or pocket. This also has build in speakers and you can adjust which means you can increase or decrease your screen size. Friend which is your favorite movie tell me in the comments in the comment box.


Some of our friends are busy in their lives and they need many sims like sometimes for work or sometimes for family. So this gadget is a must for you to have it. You can use five sims at a time with this gadget on your phone. If you are a very busy person so do not worry it has more sim options. Using this gadget with your phone is a little bit tricky. To use it you had to remove your phone tray and fit the gadget in a sim tray. Now, slowly put the sim tray in your phone. Friend, if you think it looks weird but I have a solution for this problem. When you put the cover on your phone it does not look weird. You may also think does my phone supports all of these sims? To make all of the sims work you need to download the app for sims.

Smart Tripod

The next gadget on the list is Smart Tipod. Since the invention of mobile phones, people are clicking so many photos. Sometimes, we can not determine good angles for capturing our photos and videos due to this the photo clicked is very bad in look and our ID Card photo looks good. But you can not find this problem with this tripod. This tripod works on Ai technology which mean it moves its angle according to your movement or direction. You can capture professional videos and photos with this tripod. You can also set this tripod according to your favorite angle and this does not need an application to work. On a full charge, it can easily provide battery backup for up to 6 to 7 hours.

Liquid Glass

The glass of our screen is very expensive but when a phone is dropped on the ground its screen glass will shatter into pieces. You can not put 100 screen glass on your phone but you can use this liquid glass. You can save your phone from breaking with liquid. Do you know how this works? If not I will tell you. When you apply this liquid to your phone. It removes the weak points of your phone and smoothes the screen. When you use this liquid glass, there is no chance of getting scratches on the screen even your fingerprints left on the screen. It also lowers the screen radiation and improves the touch response. It does not make bubbles like normal screen protectors.


The next mobile phone gadget on our list is Wave. Friends take a look at this bracelet. It is very cool looking. Do you what is this? It is a USB cable with which you can charge your phone with the help of a power bank. The purpose of this kind of cable is that you can charge your phone anywhere and your cable can not get lost. Sometimes, we lost our data cables but you can not find this problem with this cable. You can also perform high data transfer with this gadget. It has many color varieties which means you can carry cable according to your outfit. You can purchase it for Android and IOS.


The next product on the list is I-PEGA Gun. If you play shooting games on your phone like FreeFire or Call of Duty then this gadget will amaze you. Actually, it is a gaming pad that will provide you real shooting experience. It seems like you are playing a shooting game in real life. You can also play other games with this gaming pad. It can give a battery pack up to 10 hours on a single full charge. By the friends, which is your favorite game tell me in the comments in the comment box below.

Smart BP Monitor

The problem of high BP or low BP is significant in the past few years. The chances of heart attack increase with high BP. That’s why regular monitoring of the BP is very important. Normal BP monitors are very difficult to carry and secondly, it is very tough to use them. But this is a wireless BP monitor and brief your BP on one click. Simply, you need to download the application of this product and connect it through bluetooth. It also tells you about your heartbeat and progress in your BP control.

Smart Phone Wallet

The age of old wallets is gone. Today is the age of wallets on phones. It is very trending today. It looks very cool and stylish. There are different compartments for cards and money. There is also a finger holder present on the wallet and which can be used as a phone stand. It is made very slim so that you can not feel any discomfort during its use.


These are some gadgets related to your phone. Hope you love this article. Make sure to share this very informative article with your friends and family. Stay Safe and Stay Happy.

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