Too-Perfect & Stranded by Cami Checketts Epub Download

Too-Perfect & Stranded by Cami Checketts eBook read online or download for free. The novel “Too-Perfect & Stranded by Cami Checketts” can be easily accessed in various formats such as ePub, Kindle, and PDF. Simply read online or download for free. This impressive and superb novel will keep you up for many days and nights as it tells a great story for the reader of all ages. If you require a specific format, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Summary Of Too-Perfect & Stranded by Cami Checketts PDF Download Free

“This novel, “Too-Perfect & Stranded” written by “Cami Checketts” is a true masterpiece for fiction lovers. With its evocative storytelling and page-turning pace, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers. The author’s exceptional skills in character development are on full display, creating fascinating and unforgettable characters. The story is beautifully crafted, exuding magic and wonder. A must-read for those who appreciate great literature. Before diving into the pages, you can take a look at the summary to get a glimpse of the content.

A sassy fitness expert. Her irresistible, yet unreachable boss. The tropical storm that changes everything. Navy Quinn, the smart and feisty fitness trainer, has been secretly yearning for her perfect boss for over a decade but she won’t admit that to anyone, even herself. As she approaches a week on a remote island with the handsome billionaire, Navy allows herself to reconsider. What if Holden really is the right man for her? Behind his friendly, yet distant façade, has he noticed her the way she’s noticed him?

Too-Perfect & Stranded by Cami Checketts pdf download

Holden Jennings, retired hockey star and sponsor of the reality TV show, Muscle Up, travels to a remote Caribbean island to take part in filming the finale. He wonders if he should finally take a chance to express his true feelings for Navy, the show’s beautiful and confident fitness trainer. Holden has always kept himself very private in order to protect his parents and his family’s personal struggles. Is his growing desire for Navy worth breaching that barrier? When a hurricane strikes the island and quickly escalates, the crew is forced into a storm shelter to save their lives. As conditions become more dangerous and tense, Navy and Holden must work together to protect everyone, and are surprised to discover how right it feels to be together. Can a near-death experience convince them to embrace their love at last, or will it confirm their worst fears about each other? You may also like Accidental Magic by Iris Beaglehole Epub Download

Details About Too-Perfect & Stranded eBook

  • Title: Too-Perfect & Stranded
  • Writer: Cami Checketts
  • Publication Date: March 8, 2023
  • Language: English
  • Category: Christian Mystery & Suspense Romance
  • Format: ePub/PDF
  • File Size: 2079 KB
  • Number of Pages: 213
  • Price: No Charge

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