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Top 10 Very Useful And Smart Gadgets for Smart Phones That You Must Have!

Everyone has a smartphone but only some people have smart gadgets. So, friends I have listed many smartphone gadgets that will increase the level of your smartphone.

In this article, I have listed the Top 10 Very Useful And Smart Gadgets for Smart Phones That You Must Have.


The camera of any mobile phone is good but it cannot not compete with DSLR Camera. So, a company launched a gadget that converts the phone into a DSLR Camera. You can DSLR Camera experience by fitting this kit on your phone. It uses your phone camera but this kit has many lenses that will help you to capture videos and photos in high resolution and quality. Even if they are wide-angle, micro-shot or telescopic are easily captured. This kit also contains a micro-phone because it can capture high-quality sound. This kit is very easy to charge and it also contains a built-in ring light. This amazing feature enables you to capture video or photos in dark places. This kit fits on every phone.


Almost everyone faces this problem if you are traveling or sitting in a group of people. Any stranger starts looking into your phone when you are using it. This Privacy Screen will definitely solve your problems in seconds. It is easily available in stores or even you can get it online. This screen protects your privacy in a way that anyone who has looked at a mobile screen for more than 30 degrees. The screen becomes completely black and dull. This glass is scratch, oil and fingerprint-proof.

3.5 MM MIC

The sound quality of video recorded by mobile is not very good. The mic of any mobile is not very powerful and it can capture excellent sound. When we switch to an alternate option, the wires of the mic are so irritating. But this mic gadget is on the next level. Simply, put this mic into a mobile phone jack and start using it. These mics also perform noise cancelation of unwanted sounds. These mics do not require any charging because they get power directly from your phone. You can also rotate this mic according to you. This mic is very small and you can easily put it in your pocket.


Many of us have spent money on our phones because they get damaged due to falling. To solve this problem a company invented the gadget Universal Grip. It acts as a normal surface. It is built in a way that it makes a good grip on your hand. It can be easily stick on any surface. This grip comes in many designs. You can also use this grip in many places instead of the phone.


Almost everyone likes mobile games. But some of us are good players in these games. If you want to become a pro player. Then this gadget battle dock is the best fit for you. You can connect your phone with your keyboard and mouse with the help of this gadget. It is very easy to use. Simply, connect the keyboard and mouse in Battle Dock ports. Then connect phones to Bluetooth. Now, you can get a PC Gaming experience on your phone. This gadget also has a stand that enhances the viewing angle of the phone. The output response is very fast and good.


We can use phones easily in normal weather but we usually face problems in rainy weather. If we try to use our phone in the rain. They can easily get damaged and we have to spend money on phones. That’s why I have listed this smartphone pouch. This pouch will protect your phone against water. You can use your phone at that time. Any type of phone can be easily fit into this pouch.


This chargers charge your phone wirelessly but this charger is not like other wireless charger. Simply, put this charger on your desk and start using it. This charger charges phones at a very fast rate. This charger fits on every desk or table. You can use it on Android or Apple.


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