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Top 5 Unique And Useful Gadgets For Your Sports Bike & Scooty!

Hi friends, do you release sweat from your body during riding the bike or does your face get dirty during rainy weather your bike gets dirty. In this article, I have listed 5 very useful and unique gadgets that will definitely solve these problems.

In this article, you will know about the Top 5 Unique And Useful Gadgets For Your Sports Bike & Scooty. So let’s start the list of gadgets that every biker must have.


During strong sunshine, wearing a helmet while riding causes irritation. Sweeting during wearing a helmet is normal. In this situation, you want a gadget that will give you cool air. It also protects you from dust as well as provides coolness. This gadget is very small and easily fits into your helmet. It is also very lightweight and it does feel heavy. It comes in various color varieties. It is also rechargeable and simply recharge it and use it.


Friends, do you also leave your bike during the rain and eat sweet food in your home like me? I have a solution for this problem this bike body cover is made for you. You can easily wear this body cover on your bike. When you want to use it, simply move the cover from the box and cover your bike. You can also cover your bike during strong sunshine. This is waterproof so you do not need to worry about getting wet.


This very uses full and unique gadgets. It is very difficult to use a phone or listen to music while riding a bike. In this kind of situation normal earphones are not very useful or helpful and cause many problems. If you use your phone during riding a bike, it may cause serious accidents. To solve this problem, I have listed Helmet Earphones. These earphones are best for riding a bike. You can easily install this gadget in your helmet. You can also connect earphones to your phone via Bluetooth. You will feel that sound is coming from the helmet. The sound from these earphones is clear and loud. Its design is very unique and feels like a Professional biker.


This gadget is for those bikers who love long rides like me. The only problem we usually face is that the battery of phones dies out quickly. This mobile charger easily fits your bike handle. Now, you need not worry about charging your phone. This is a fast charger and it produces an output of almost 15 watts which is quite good. This charger contains two TYPE-A ports and both of them produce out of 15 watts. You can also charge your phone during rain because it is waterproof. Tell me in the comments that this gadget is useful or unique.


You can also use your phone for GPS, Camera or many other things not only for listening to music. This mobile holder easily fits into your bike. It holds your phone strongly so that you can use GPS or record video during riding your bike. You can also perform Motor Vloging with this bike mobile holder while riding. Motor Vogging is in trend nowadays. This holder is waterproof. If it gets wet with water but your phone is safe and does not get wet. You can also get this gadget from Amazon.


Hope you love this article. Make sure to share this very informative article with your friends and family. Stay Happy and Stay Safe.

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