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Top 7 Super Cool And Best Sports Bikes for College and University Students!

Hi friends, today’s bikes list is very important because I have listed good-looking, great mileage, and amazing features bike. The price range of these bikes is less than 1.5 lakhs which makes them a perfect fit for college and university bikes. These bikes are super cool and amazing that if you ride on these bikes everyone on the road will definitely want to see these bikes and know the price of these bikes.

In this article, I am going to write about the Top 7 super cool and best bikes for college and university students. So let’s start our list.


Normally, the price range of the bikes of this brand is 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs or more but you can purchase this bike in only 1.5 lakhs. The features of this bike are very amazing. The front design of this bike is like Classic Royal Enfield and the tyres are also wide. Friends, you definitely know about the engines of the Royal Enfield that they are very powerful. This bike comes with a 350CC engine with 20.4 PS. This bike will give you almost 35 Kilometers of mileage which is best for this bike. The sound of the exhaust is very clear and great. If you are riding on this bike people will not ignore you and ask you questions about this amazing bike. If we talk about brakes, the front and back wheels contain disc brakes. This bike is also very lightweight and you can not face problems while handling it. The suspension of this bike is a little bit stiff which causes shock but little. According to bike experts, this is the best bike for Royal Enfield lovers and you can get this bike between 1.45 lakhs to 1.55 lakhs which is the best price range.


Friends, Pulsar NS 200 is the most famous sports bike of the brand BAJAJ. It contains a 199CC liquid cool engine with 24.5 PS which makes it a very powerful engine. If you are riding on this bike you will feel like you are talking with air. This bike will easily give you a mileage of 38 Kilometers on the road. Both brakes are disc with dual channel ABX which makes the braking system very good. If you are thinking that the bike will vibrate because to engine is very powerful this will never happen. The riding experience of this bike is very smooth. The sitting position of this bike is very comfortable. This bike is the best fit for fans of sports bikes. You can get this super cool bike from 1.45 lakhs to 1.52 lakhs.


If you are looking for a bike with super amazing features then this bike will be best for you. You can find the world’s best suspension of Japanese companies. This suspension provides you the option of adjusting the stiffness of suspensions. If you like hard suspension or soft suspension you can adjust it according to your comfort. It has a 197CC oil cool engine that will give the best performance. You can also adjust the clutch and brake lever according to your comfort. The feature makes it different from other normal bikes. This bike also has feature of Bluetooth connectivity due to this feature you will be always updated about your bike’s condition. It also contains a 6-speed gearbox, unlike other normal bikes which contain a 5-speed gearbox. The feature plays an important role in increasing its performance. Overall, this is the best bike and you will get it between 1.42 lakhs to 1.47 lakhs.


In this price range, this bike of the brand Suzuki is the best-looking bike. If you take a look at this bike it feels very cool. You feel that it is a very expensive sports bike but its price is less than 1.5 lakhs. This bike contains a 155CC air-cooled engine with 13.6 PS. This bike is not powerful as much as previous bikes on the list but you have one advantage. This will increase its mileage ranging from 45 Kilometers to 50 Kilometers. If you use this bike you can have a look and save petrol. This is looking heavy but it is not true. It is a very lightweight bike and you can easily handle it. The price range of this bike is 1.35 lakhs to 1.42 lakhs.


This brand of bike is competing with Royal Enfield bikes. Those who use this bike definitely know that is a very powerful bike. The design of this bike is very good. This bike is very expensive in its look and mainly chrome is used as a building material. This feature makes it a durable bike. This bike comes with a 220CC engine with 19.0 PS. This bike will provide 38 Kilometers mileage. The brake is disc brake but the rear brake is drum brake. This bike is very famous for its comfort and you can get this bike between 1.30 lakhs to 1.40 lakhs.


This is a very cool bike from the brand HERO. All the lights in this are LED which is a very good feature. If we take a look at an engine which 166CC air-cooled engine with 15.2 PS. This bike will easily provide you the mileage between 40 Kilometers to 42 Kilometers. This bike also has charging ports so you do not need to worry about charging your phone. Previous models of this bike are not very comfortable but this bike is very comfortable for both riders. The price of this bike is not very much and you can get this bike in the price range of 1.20 lakhs to 1.30 lakhs.


Experts declare that this bike is far better than Royal Enfield bikes. This bike is Value for Money. It looks more classic than Hunter. The bode of Hunter is mainly built of plastic but this bike contains very less plastic. The engine is very good which is 225CC air and oil cool engine with 20.4 PS of power. This engine can easily prove a mileage of 35 kilometers. The chaingard of this bike is good and prevents the chain from getting dirty. Overall, this bike is better than the Royal Enfield Hunter. You can get this bike from 1.49 lakhs to 1.55 lakhs.


Which bike do you think is the best fit for you? Do not forget to tell us in the comments. Hope you love this article. Make sure to share this very informative article with your friends and family. Stay Happy and Stay Safe.

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