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Top 8 Cool and Best Smart Phones Gadgets of 2023

Hi friends, due to the increasing popularity of smartphones, different companies have introduced many gadgets for smartphones. In this article, you will learn about the top and best smartphone gadgets that are very useful.

In this article, I have listed the Top 8 Coolest and Best Smart Phone Gadgets of 2023. So, let’s start the list.


In today’s phones, they do not have a front light due to the notch system. Due to this, capturing photos and videos at night is nearly impossible. This light is very useful for taking selfies in the dark. It can easily fit on your phone. It contains filters in the lights like cold filters, warm filters, natural filters, and many more. On one complete charge, it gives a battery backup of up to 2 hours. It also has an adjustable light option. This feature allows you to adjust the light according to your preferences. This gadget is also scratch-resistant. It can easily fit on a mirror or laptop instead of your phone.


It usually happens that a phone’s charging port becomes empty during travel. In this situation, charging your phone outside your home is very risky. Your personal data may get leaked to any unknown person. You should keep your own power bank with you in order to protect your confidential data from unknown people. This is the best possible solution. This power bank uses solar energy in order to charge itself. It supports wireless charging, but it also contains ports for wire charging. It contains built-in flashlights that will assist you in the darkness. The range of the flashlight is 164 feet, and it remains on for a maximum of 100 hours. It contains a compass that will help you find your way.

Blood Sugar Checker

Unfortunately, some people have the problem of diabetes, and if those people do not track their sugar levels, then this problem may get severe. Many studies show that a consistent increase in sugar levels causes a decrease in the period of age by 10 years. People must monitor their sugar levels to control diabetes. It is expensive to check blood sugar levels daily. But do not worry. With the help of this gadget, anyone can check their blood sugar level at any time. Firstly, you have to connect this gadget with your phone inside the headphones. It contains a strip and puts a tiny drop of blood on the strip. Now, place that strip in the gadget. The gadget will show your blood sugar level in a few seconds. Non-diabetic patients can also use it. It contains 35 to 50 strips within the package.


The Bluetooth range of most of the mics is narrow, and they do not work after the short range of 20 meters. The solution to this problem is very easy. The range of “Memory Mic” is infinite. You can leave your phone at home and move to any part of the world, but this mic remains connected to your phone. The built quality of this mic is very premium. It captures audio of very good quality.


You have seen many gadgets that cool you in hot weather, but this gadget warms you in cold weather. This gadget has a mega battery of 10,000 mAh. This neck warmer is very adjustable and fits on every type of neck, whether it is thin or thick. You can control the temperature of this according to your needs. On one charge, it remains on for 15 hours without any problem. The build is so good that it does not break if it falls. You can easily find this neck warmer on Flipkart and Amazon.


If your phone heated up during exposure to sunshine or fell from your hand or backpack, Then, this gadget is the best fit for you. It contains many useful features. The heat-resistant feature protects your phone from getting heated up. The waterproof feature is so powerful that even if it falls in the water, your phone remains safe because of the smartphone protector. It is also cold, sink-proof, and sand-proof. Its impact phone technology protects your phone from breaking even if it falls from a height of 6 feet. It also contains extra space for keeping your money and credit cards safe. You can get this gadget online.


When we shot the video from our phone, it did not seem professional. You can use this professional phone slider to capture professional video. You can adjust different camera angles with slides. It moves very smoothly and does not feel any jarring or lag during video playing. You can also fit a real camera in it.


It is very difficult to use a phone while wearing normal gloves. This is a touch-screen glove gadget. The material used to create it makes it touch-sensitive, which means you can use your mobile while wearing gloves. This glove also protects you against cold and provides proper warmth.


I hope you love this article. Make sure to share this very informative article with your friends and family. Stay happy and stay safe.

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