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Top and Best Youtube Channels to learn and Practice Graphic Designing in 2023

If you want to become a professional Graphic Designer. You do not need any degree or to join any institute. You just need only 2 things number 1 WILL POWER TO LEARN and number 2 the INTERNET. There are many amazing courses available on the internet but most are paid courses. Many of us can not afford these paid courses, especially in their initial stages. For these people, I have made a list of the best and underrated YouTube channels where you can learn everything to become a Professional Graphic designer.

The channels I am going to write about are mostly underrated and most of us do not know but the content of these channels is amazing. It is possible that you know some of these channels but I have included them in the list for those who do not know. I have not included the most-rated channels in this list because most of us know about them.

The YouTube channels in this list are in random order and it is not like the channel on the top of the list is better than the channel on the middle of the or even the channel on the last of the list. All of these channels are amazing and it depends on you which channel you like and from which channel you will learn graphic design. In this article, I am going to write about amazing YouTube channels that will teach you Graphic Designing from Sketch. So let’s start the list.

Mir Rom

The first channel on the list is Mir Rom. Many people want to learn photo manipulation. For those who are interested in learning photo manipulation, this is no less than heaven. This channel has many super amazing photo manipulation tutorials. If you see them you will go mad. This person is making photo manipulation tutorials for a long time. You should definitely check out this channel and I personally learn many things from this channel. That’s why I definitely recommend this channel. The only drawback of this channel is that the tutorials on this channel do not have any voice-over. Tutorials only have background music. You have to follow it step by step that’s why I suggest this channel for intermediate-level designers.


The next super amazing channel on the list is Pixivu. You can find many Photoshop tutorials on this channel. These channels also have some Adobe Illustrator tutorials. This channel has not had many tutorials but the quality of these tutorials is very high. This channel has very unique and fresh tutorials like how to vectorize an image. photo oil-paint effect, and many more. They explain their tutorials in very depth and you definitely check out this channel.

Graphic Island

The next channel I want to write about is Graphic Island. This youtube channel is best for those people who are in print media. The content on this channel is usually related to the printing category. You can find tutorials related to card designs, banner designs, and logo designs. This channel has also content related to product packaging design, restaurant menu design, digital marketing social media post design and many more. For those who are in the field of print media, this channel is the best fit for them. I definitely recommend this channel.

Nobu Design

The next channel on the list is Nobu Design. This channel contains many unique tutorials in Adobe Illustrator. This channel is specifically for Adobe Illustrator designers or users. For those who want to learn adobe illustrator and if you are a graphic designer learning graphic design will be beneficial for you. It has very high-quality adobe illustrator tutorials. You can also find original content here. If you want to adobe illustrator I definitely recommend this channel.

Will Paterson

The next channel on the list is Will Paterson. I guess many of you know about him and his channel. It is a very big channel. But for those who don’t know about it I will tell you that if you want to learn Graphic design as a whole. This channel is very awesome for this purpose. This channel uploads the content in which he reviews your designs and art. The review of this channel will help you to learn graphic design in depth. You can also improve your art and design from his review. He also tells how to establish a project or how to generate a client. He has great knowledge of this field and always makes very high-quality videos. I definitely recommend this channel.

Yes I’am a Designer

The next channel I am going to write about is Yes I’am a Designer. It is a well-known channel. You can find awesome content about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. This is one of my favorite channels and I had learned many techniques from this channel. The reason for that love it always makes trending content instead of old techniques. The style of art is very fresh and new. So I definitely recommend you this channel.

Graphic Design How to

The next channel on the list is GRAPHIC DESIGN HOW TO. The owner of this channel name is ENNY. If you want to learn quickly some tips. This channel is the best fit for you. The channel contains small-length videos which will help to learn any technique in a few minutes. I definitely recommend you this channel.


I have written about some of the super duper amazing channels for Graphic Designing. These are the best content creators. As a beginner, I recommend you follow these channels. Hope you Love this article. Show your love by sharing this very informative article with your friends and family. Stay Safe and Stay Happy.

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